Digital DNA

Creating Digital DNA with RFID

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The benefits of RFID in industries such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing have been proven time and time again. In retail, an RFID deployment can lead to improved inventory accuracy and visibility, reduction in overstock and cycle counts, and increased customer satisfaction. In healthcare and manufacturing, RFID can increase employee accountability, improve asset utilization and […]

Video: MSM Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of PortalTrack Success in 2017

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MSM Solutions is proud to announce that our proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software component, PortalTrack, is now 10 years old. This means MSM has been a leader in providing customizable inventory visibility and asset management to organizations in a wide range of industries for an entire decade. PortalTrack now monitors and generates millions of […]

RFID Tracking of Lab Samples Prescribed for Healthy Growth

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As the number of Americans with health insurance continues to increase, the healthcare industry is keeping pace with rapid growth. And while this is great news for the entire market, growth brings its own set of challenges that can put a strain on personnel and resources. This is particularly true for laboratories and hospitals across […]

Memphis Tech Company Leaps Into New Markets

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MSM Solutions’ proprietary cloud-based software PortalTrack has enabled the company to expand its “track, count and manage” system to the healthcare and food distribution industries. At the same time, our roots in the apparel sector have fueled our global growth. To learn more about the growth of MSM Solutions, our inventory tracking software, and RFID […]