MSM Solutions integrates barcode, data collection, RFID and mobile technologies that improve patient safety at the bedside and throughout the healthcare supply chain.

For more than 30 years, leading independent labs, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals have relied on MSM’s customized solutions to ensure safety, improve accuracy and prevent life altering events. With our new sensor-based technology CartaSense, users can now monitor humidity and temperature levels of critical assets in transit anywhere in the world in real time.

RFID Technology in Healthcare

RFID is quickly gaining traction in the healthcare supply chain for applications such as electronic chain of custody, sample tracking, drug tracking and verification. Utilizing the latest RFID readers, antennas and chip technologies from Impinj and Motorola in combination with MSM PortalTrack software allows users to gain real-time visibility into operations and immediately make decisions that can prevent fatal errors. RFID is an excellent tool for improving accuracy and traceability while protecting patient data and brand authentication.

MSM partners with Zebra Technologies to deliver thermal printing solutions that integrate seamlessly into hospital information systems and are certified by leading HIT system providers. Zebra’s award-winning wristbands enable automated ID verification for hospitals seeking to improve efficiency and accuracy to reduce costly and dangerous errors.

Barcode and Mobile Solutions

Mobility solutions, including mobile printers, enable your healthcare workers to deliver better patient care and achieve higher levels of productivity. Enabled with wireless data communications, workers can perform a wide variety of tasks right at the point of care. Barcode scanner software can be used at the patient’s bedside to verify that the right patient is receiving the right medication. Also, patient data and other crucial applications are always at the fingertips of healthcare workers — at the patient’s bedside, at the nurse’s station, in the operating room and beyond.

MSM offers an array of thermal label printer materials designed to adhere to any surface—even curved vials and test tubes. They come in many sizes, including tiny sizes perfect for microscope slides. And with materials that resist damage from scratches, moisture, chemicals, solutions, sterilization, cold storage, and other harsh elements, you can be sure that your bar codes will stay sharp and readable for the life of the label, no matter where they’re used.