Improved Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and visibility with the latest barcode and RFID technology solutions from MSM. Continuous automation and process improvement are critical in today’s global economy. By offering the latest in mobile printing, scanning and computing technologies combined with MSM’s PortalTrack software solutions, we can keep your operations connected 24/7.

MSM Solutions offers complete integration services with SAP, Oracle, WMS and other ERP encoding systems on a variety of mobile platforms such iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile. Utilizing the latest technology from industry leaders like Zebra and Motorola; MSM can provide you with real-time visibility into work in process, shipping, receiving and inventory management from locations around the globe.

Logistics and Distribution RFID

RFID technology in logistics and distribution is an excellent way to automate labor-intensive activities such as carton scanning, cycle counts and shipping and receiving. Fixed RFID readers and antennas can take the place of manual barcode readers or scanners in many locations with greater speed and accuracy.

Sensor-based technology such as MSM’s CartaSense provides users with the ability to monitor temperature and humidity on items such as food and pharmaceuticals in real-time. Environmental monitoring of goods in transit or storage ensures that products remain at select temperature and humidity levels, while also providing for immediate intervention should a problem arise.

Mobile Printing

Mobile computing and printing offers increased labor savings as users are equipped to identify, track and label products on the go. For high speed labeling applications, MSM offers in-line high-speed print and apply systems that be configured to fit nearly all product labeling applications at any speed.

MSM Solutions offers a wide range of RFID labeling options along with traditional thermal transfer media to fit any application. We are proud to offer Zebra printers as part of our line of mobile printer and thermal printer solutions.