For more than 30 years, MSM Solutions has delivered innovative barcode and RFID technology solutions to retailers and the retail supply chain. Whether you’re looking to meet Retail EPC RFID mandates, minimize charge backs utilizing barcode verification, or improve internal supply-chain efficiency, MSM can provide a customized asset management solution to meet your needs.

MSM’s EPC Compliance solutions have been deployed globally by some of the world’s largest apparel manufacturers. Utilizing technology from industry leaders like Zebra Technologies, Impinj and Motorola, along with MSM’s PortalTrack software, enables customized RFID in-plant EPC printing, bulk encoding, inventory, validation and verification. MSM offers a wide variety of Licensed RFID labels and tags from Smartrac, Invengo and Alien Technologies.

Mobile Inventory Management

Increase accuracy, inventory, visibility and speed with the latest mobile technologies from MSM Solutions. Our ability to provide customized identification and tracking solutions on a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile inventory tracking software ensures that you stay connected with real-time information available where and when you need it. We offer a wide range of mobile printers, wireless terminals and tablets from Zebra Technologies and Motorola Solutions, ensuring the right technology fit for your application.

Ink Jet and Thermal Printers: Retail and Apparel

Automate distribution carton labeling with high-speed print and apply labeling systems designed to run 24/7. In-line high-speed labeling improves accuracy and efficiency of label placement, as labels can be applied at a rate to match most in-line conveyor speeds while maintaining label accuracy within a 1/16” of an inch.

Eliminate costly charge backs with barcode verification systems to ensure the quality of your printed barcode tickets and labels while also making sure that they meet the requirements of your retail and apparel customers. Verification systems can be integrated with in-line conveyor systems or thermal printing systems to trigger alerts when quality standards are not met.