In today’s global economy, collecting, sharing and having access to data in real time is critical. Whether you need to read a 1D, 2D or Matrix type barcode, MSM can determine the best data collection solution to fit your needs. MSM offers validation, verification and image capture devices to ensure that printed barcodes adhere to the designed specifications.

Data Collection Devices

mobile barcode scanning

MSM offers a wide range of mobile computing and barcode reader devices in tablet, brick, trigger and handheld form factors designed to communicate via a wireless or cellular network. For those areas that require cabled communications, we offer a full line of general purpose or ruggedized scanners that communicate via a PC connection, Bluetooth base or in-line with conveyor and PCL controls. The data collected from these devices can be stored and displayed in a custom format via MSM’s PortalTrack – our best-in-class inventory tracking software.


sql data collection
Mobile barcode reader devices can be programmed on a variety of platforms such as iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile and Android. The data can then be delivered seamlessly to a variety of ERP, WMS, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, FTP/SFTP, XML and Web Services. MSM’s Internet of Things (IoT) based architecture enables centralized device management, ensuring that all of your devices stay connected and up-to-date.