Continuous ink jet printing (CIJ) is one of the most flexible and versatile on-line printing technologies available, and it covers the broadest range of coding and marking applications with very few limitations. MSM Solutions partners with Leibinger to offer integrated solutions for product marking, coding and verification.

Ink Jet Printing Applications

According to the principle of non-contact printing (continuous inkjet), Leibinger inkjet printers mark and code all surfaces, regardless of whether they’re packaging or industrial products. Industrial inkjet printers code and mark products, packages and food with data matrix codes, bar codes, lot numbers and other identifiers. Designed for use in the food & beverage, automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical and metal industry, Leibinger ink jet systems are an excellent and reliable way to automate product identification.


We offer a wide selection of different inks, ensuring you will find the right one for your application. Whether solvent based, pigmented or in UV fluorescent quality, Leibinger offers you the most suitable ink for the best quality and adhesion. With the use of solvent-based inks, the print is smudge-proof after only one second on glass, plastic or metal.