rfid tracking

MSM Solutions provides customized RFID integration in multiple industries, including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, healthcare, retail and apparel. By combining the latest in hardware from Zebra, Impinj and Motorola with MSM’s PortalTrack software, we can deliver RFID solutions designed to fit your unique needs.

Benefits of RFID Technology

RFID asset management offers many benefits, including increased speed and accuracy over traditional barcode scanning software, no line of sight requirement, and the ability to read many products at once. Also, individual serialization makes every product unique. MSM offers a wide variety of RFID labels, tags and hard tags designed to fit nearly any application. We offer both Passive and Active RFID technology designed to help count, track and manage your assets.


RFID technology is enabling users to automate many processes that have traditionally bottlenecked workflow, such as shipping and receiving, inventory management, chain of custody, validation and verification of orders, product and workflow tracking, and brand authentication. MSM has provided these applications in various industries, including healthcare RFID, apparel RFID, manufacturing RFID, and much more.


epc printingMSM’s EPC compliance solutions for retail RFID mandates have been deployed globally by some of the world’s largest apparel manufacturers. MSM’s PortalTrack software enables customized RFID in plant EPC printing, bulk EPC encoding, inventory, validation and verification. We support both MCS and managed serialization for multiple chip and inlay manufacturers, and our cloud-based services allow manufacturing sites across the globe to stay centrally connected. PortalTrack’s unique host log commands securely store all licensed EPC data generated at the manufacturing floor.


rfid integration

MSM provides complete integration services for any RFID installation. We offer fixed and mobile RFID readers along with a variety of antenna designs to fit any application. Our in-house engineering services allow for customization of RFID-enabled shipping and receiving portals, conveyor tunnels, mobile carts and more. Our RFID software services are designed on a scalable platform and are delivered in a cloud-based architecture, stand-alone design or integrated solution with Oracle, WMS, SAP or other ERP systems.