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Top 5 Ways RFID Technology is Being Used in Healthcare 

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RFID technology provides an automated and reliable data capture system that helps enable hundreds of healthcare applications to improve patient safety, manage surgical instruments, support staff and patient workflow, automate replenishment and billing, authenticate quality and sterilization processes, manage medical equipment location and automate supply chain management. Here are the top 5 ways RFID Technology […]

Digital DNA

Creating Digital DNA with RFID

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The benefits of RFID in industries such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing have been proven time and time again. In retail, an RFID deployment can lead to improved inventory accuracy and visibility, reduction in overstock and cycle counts, and increased customer satisfaction. In healthcare and manufacturing, RFID can increase employee accountability, improve asset utilization and […]

automotive asset management

Why the Auto Industry Needs Asset Management

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Auto industry professionals know just how complex the logistics of operating an automotive factory can be. The typical facility involves workers carrying out many different and complicated tasks at the same time. Forklift drivers, for example, must constantly transport pallets, barrels, boxes and bins full of parts throughout a manufacturing plant while adhering to schedules […]

What to Look for in Healthcare Inventory Tracking Software

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Healthcare administrators have enough to worry about when it comes to ensuring that patients receive the highest caliber of medical services available. However, they also need to prevent the loss of costly medical supplies, pharmaceutical drugs and expensive medical apparatuses and machinery. It’s easy to see how something can get lost or misplaced when you […]

Video: Top 4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Validate Their Electronic Product Code (EPC) Data

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RFID technology coupled with Electronic Product Code (EPC) validation is the most efficient way to track products from the manufacturing facility to the showroom floor. RFID and EPC validation help retailers to: Confirm that a particular item is present Identify what type of product it is Count how many of a particular item is present […]

Video: The Different Ways RFID Tags and Labels Can Be Printed

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RFID technology — and the ability to print RFID tags and labels quickly and cheaply from virtually anywhere — is radically improving efficiency and profitability in the apparel industry. However, before benefiting from the most advanced forms of RFID technology, apparel companies need to better understand the various components of the RFID label printing process. […]

How RFID in Retail Is Improving Customer Experience

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and omnichannel are not just the future of retail – they are the “now.” Retailers dealing with large inventories that have yet to take advantage of RFID technology and omnichannel are missing out on increased profit potential, loss prevention, cost savings, payroll savings and so much more. At the same time, […]

Do You Know Exactly Where Your Lab Samples Are Located?

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It’s safe to say that the staff in any reputable laboratory or hospital knows what lab samples they have in-house, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know precisely where they can be found at all times. Keeping track of where samples are located is key to safe handling and efficient service. This is one of […]

RFID Tracking of Lab Samples Prescribed for Healthy Growth

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As the number of Americans with health insurance continues to increase, the healthcare industry is keeping pace with rapid growth. And while this is great news for the entire market, growth brings its own set of challenges that can put a strain on personnel and resources. This is particularly true for laboratories and hospitals across […]