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RFID Inventory Management

How RFID Boosts Your Inventory Management

In today’s business world, understanding your customers’ needs greatly impacts your business and affects how you manage your inventory. Keeping an accurate and real-time view of your inventory is one of the best ways to keep your customers satisfied and your operations competitive. In fact, 57% of companies state that their inventory management is one of the key components that gives them an edge over the competition. While most manufacturers, as well as warehouses and distribution centers rely on barcode technology, RFID inventory management has the ability to [...]

4 Reasons Why Organizations Are Switching to Android Enterprise Mobile

Now that Microsoft has ended all remaining support and security updates for nearly all of its previous enterprise mobile operating systems, many organizations, including healthcare systems, are confronting a transition to a new OS while they’re already grappling with Coronavirus response. In this blog, we’ll discuss why organizations are switching to Android Enterprise Mobile to support business continuity. Making the Switch Choosing to stay with Microsoft and make the transition to Windows 10 IoT is an option, but it can be a challenge [...]

Android Operating System for PortalTrack

MSM Solutions Launches New Android Operating System for PortalTrack RFID Software

New OS enables customers to identify, track, count and manage assets in real time MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, today announced that it has improved its PortalTrack Android platform for mobile RFID and barcode asset tracking applications. The enhancements complement the already robust PortalTrack RFID Software Platform. The new PortalTrack platform paves the way for businesses moving from Windows-based platforms to Android – the best mobile device operating system for businesses. PortalTrack’s continuous improvement platform embraces the latest [...]

Identify, Track, Count and Manage with Portal Track

How to Identify, Track, Count and Manage with PortalTrack

Watch our explainer video to learn how to accurately identify, track, count and manage in-process assets and inventory with PortalTrack RFID software.  We understand that manufacturing inventory management is a real challenge with real problems.  Solving these challenges without disrupting existing workflows is no easy task. So how do you deploy a customized solution that enables you to identify, track, count and manage your stuff while working in the confines of your present system? With MSM Solutions PortalTrack RFID software, you can achieve [...]

Go Zebra Trade-in Program

3 Reasons Why Your Printing Supplies Could Be Costing You More Than You Think

If you’re trying to maintain a high level of operational efficiency and profitability, you don’t want to see downtime, interruptions, or hidden costs. Many companies end up dealing with these headaches from an unexpected and often hidden cause. It’s something that seems ridiculously simple, but it adds up quickly over time. The culprit? Your choice of printing supplies. It happens when companies use inexpensive, low-quality barcode labels and printing supplies, or the wrong type of supplies for their [...]

Traceability Healthcare

The Importance of Traceability in Times of COVID-19

In an unprecedented measure to help the beset of the world’s worst outbreak of COVID-19, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, announced his new plan to unify the state’s hospital system. Under this plan, more than two hundred hospitals in New York state, totaling approximately 53,000 beds (before Cuomo told them to double their capacity) will share staff and equipment, with manpower and supplies going to where they are needed most, regardless of system affiliation, according to a Vox report. Now, more than ever, RFID systems will play an important role [...]

Mobile Computers

Disinfect and Protect Your Zebra Mobile Devices

Right now, we’re all getting a lesson on how important it is to wash our hands, avoid touching our face, and maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also a critical time to keep our mobile devices disinfected and cleaned, especially in enterprise businesses that are still providing essential goods and services. Here are some important tips and reminders about disinfecting and cleaning Zebra enterprise mobile technologies at this crucial time. 1. There’s a right and wrong way to clean your mobile devices. Disinfecting [...]


COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends: These are difficult times and you are likely already feeling the effects of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic in your communities, at work and at home. We hope you are taking the necessary precautions for yourself, your loved ones, and for those around you to stay healthy and safe. It is a stressful situation that has suddenly and radically changed our way of life. However, we are all adapting to this constantly evolving situation. You may be working remotely like most of us, caring for [...]

Go Zebra Trade-in Program

Trade-In Program to Upgrade Mobile Technologies at Crucial Time

This year presents disruptions and financial hardships for businesses from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. One way we can help is by communicating to you a trade-in program by Zebra that allows businesses to upgrade their mobile computers, barcode and RFID printers, barcode scanners, and tablets while saving up to $600 per device. The GO Zebra program from Zebra Technologies offers savings on every device when you trade in your aging or obsolete equipment for the latest next-generation [...]