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COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends: These are difficult times and you are likely already feeling the effects of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic in your communities, at work and at home. We hope you are taking the necessary precautions for yourself, your loved ones, and for those around you to stay healthy and safe. It is a stressful situation that has suddenly and radically changed our way of life. However, we are all adapting to this constantly evolving situation. You may be working remotely like most of us, caring for [...]

Trade-In Program to Upgrade Mobile Technologies at Crucial Time

This year presents disruptions and financial hardships for businesses from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. One way we can help is by communicating to you a trade-in program by Zebra that allows businesses to upgrade their mobile computers, barcode and RFID printers, barcode scanners, and tablets while saving up to $600 per device. The GO Zebra program from Zebra Technologies offers savings on every device when you trade in your aging or obsolete equipment for the latest next-generation [...]

RFID System

RFID Integrated Solution for Warehouse Environment

RFID technology optimizes the processes employed by manufacturing companies all around the world. Real-time product information and traceability is now a requirement for these companies in order to maintain sufficient production and storage management operations. Management systems need to be integrated perfectly to leverage information generated and collected by the RFID implementations. This flow of information and traceability streamlines daily operations and optimizes a company’s logistics, production, and management procedures. The RFID System An RFID system is built on the following two elements: transponder (or tag) and reader/writer. The transponder, or tag, [...]

logistics tracking

The Roll of Inventory Tracking in Logistics

The concept of logistics tracking refers to identifying the origin of a product and any of the different stages that the product goes through, from the beginning of the production process, through its subsequent distribution, and to arriving at the final consumer. What is a Tracking System in Logistics? A proficient tracking system includes a set of procedures that provides the ability to follow a product through the supply chain; to trace its route and anticipate the path it will follows. A tracking system can [...]

Why Print-and-Apply is Often the Better Way to Print Labels

When it comes to labeling products and shipments, many companies rely on manual processes or outsourcing. Generally, they end up choosing one of two approaches: 1. Print barcode labels on industrial or desktop printers, and then manually apply them to boxes or packaging. 2. Purchase pre-printed labels in advance, and then manually adhere them to items or goods. Unfortunately, these two approaches are inefficient, costly, and prone to error. Both require manual labor and more time and effort to label each box or item; moreover, all [...]

Android OS in the warehouse

5 Reasons Why Android Should Be Your Next Enterprise Mobile OS

It’s official; Microsoft has now ended all remaining support for Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, the operating system that has powered millions of enterprise mobile devices since 2011. This major development is just the latest in several phase-outs of Windows mobile platforms, which is part of Microsoft’s large-scale departure from the enterprise mobile market. Microsoft’s strategic shift has left thousands of companies with no security patches, no OS updates, and no option to migrate to Windows 10 IoT from their current platforms. Unless you’re migrating [...]

RFID and The Future of Manufacturing

In recent years, a series of innovations have emerged to bring the manufacturing industry into a new evolutionary stage. The increased use of automation combined with the ubiquity of smart devices and their wireless networks make it possible to reach levels of flexibility and efficiency never before possible. Today, the advanced level of intelligence realized in manufacturing processes is possible thanks to new technologies including Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Services (IoS) and the Internet of Things (IoT).  These technologies allow the modern [...]

RFID Increase Inventory Management

How Does RFID Help Increase Inventory Accuracy?

RFID technology has many advantages. Among key benefits is the enabling of more accurate and more frequent inventory cycles while utilizing less labor. Traditionally, inventory counts have been performed in one of two ways: by manual counts with pen and paper or by barcode, scanning individual items.  The traditional methods of inventory are labor intensive, inaccurate, and limit regular inventory cycles of more than once or twice per year.  The first step to implement RFID inventory is to add a RFID label to each item.  With [...]

How to Setup RFID Inventory Management Solution for Small and Medium Retailers

As we step into the future of retail, RFID inventory management systems have made it possible for a variety of large scale retailers to easily track all aspects of their inventory. Recently, the well-known firm, McKinsey & Co. created the “retail store of the future” to further explore the many ways in which RFID technology can be useful within the retail sector. The store is called Modern Retail Collective and the goal of the store is to evaluate newer technologies such as fit predictor software, [...]