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RFID and the Future of Manufacturing

RFID and The Future of Manufacturing

In recent years, a series of innovations have emerged to bring the manufacturing industry into a new evolutionary stage. The increased use of automation combined with the ubiquity of smart devices and their wireless networks make it possible to reach levels of flexibility and efficiency never before possible. Today, the advanced level of intelligence realized in manufacturing processes is possible thanks to new technologies including Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Services (IoS) and the Internet of Things (IoT).  These technologies allow the modern [...]

RFID Increase Inventory Management

How Does RFID Help Increase Inventory Accuracy?

RFID technology has many advantages. Among key benefits is the enabling of more accurate and more frequent inventory cycles while utilizing less labor. Traditionally, inventory counts have been performed in one of two ways: by manual counts with pen and paper or by barcode, scanning individual items.  The traditional methods of inventory are labor intensive, inaccurate, and limit regular inventory cycles of more than once or twice per year.  The first step to implement RFID inventory is to add a RFID label to each item.  With [...]

How to Setup RFID Inventory Management Solution for Small and Medium Retailers

As we step into the future of retail, RFID inventory management systems have made it possible for a variety of large scale retailers to easily track all aspects of their inventory. Recently, the well-known firm, McKinsey & Co. created the “retail store of the future” to further explore the many ways in which RFID technology can be useful within the retail sector. The store is called Modern Retail Collective and the goal of the store is to evaluate newer technologies such as fit predictor software, [...]

Modern Retail Collective | Retail Technology in Mall of America

McKinsey & Company Opens Its First Retail Store in Collaboration With Mall of America

Store Signals Brick-and-Mortar Is Critical to the Future of Retail MSM provides its EPC Printing and Encoding Solution to  “Modern Retail Collective – Store of the Future.” This RFID solution enables tagged retail items to be detected, located, identified, and counted instantaneously without the need to manually scan each item.  McKinsey & Company, in collaboration with Mall of America, today announced the launch of its first-ever retail concept — Modern Retail Collective, a live retail space in Mall of America. The space [...]

RFID Work in Process WIP

How to use RFID for Work in Process (WIP) Tracking in Manufacturing

Streamlining workflow management in production, inventory management, and other manufacturing tasks is invaluable in keeping track of all objects. In automotive manufacturing, various components and tools in assembling processes require accurate tagging to expedite production. In the complex production cycles, Radio-frequency identification (RFID) provides automatic identification and tracking of tags for work in progress (WIP). RFID overcomes the challenges inherent in traditional tracking mechanisms. It provides real-time information about objects allowing manufacturers to manage production and supply-chain processes seamlessly. Adopting cost-effective, scalable, and flexible WIP tracking method promotes efficiency [...]

Smart Warehouse and Manufacturing

Top Eight Processes in Smart Warehouse and Manufacturing

Finding the best methods of making the manufacturing process faster and more efficient can be imperative to one’s ability to remain competitive within this ever-changing market. In other words, regardless of what one’s business goals may be, they must make the effort to find the best and most efficient practices in order to ensure the business is operating at optimal capacity at all times. Although traditional manufacturing has grown leaps and bounds since its early days, it is still [...]

RFID Asset Management

What is RFID Asset Management?

It’s never been more cost effective or easier to automate asset management processes and ensures that you have accurate and timely inventory information at your fingertips by utilizing RFID technology. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is a realm in the computerized recognition field that has been gaining momentum in the last decade and is now considered a primary means to advance data management processes, in comparison to earlier data capture technologies such as the barcode. A variety of RFID devices and related systems have been developed to satisfy [...]

Smart Manufacturing with RFID Technology

The Top Benefits of Smart Manufacturing and Warehouse using IoT RFID Technology

In an age in which even the smallest startup company is forced to compete in a market dominated by huge, innovative conglomerates, finding ways to make manufacturing faster and more efficient can be vital to business. Indeed, no matter what types of products you manufacture, you now have to compete with those who can afford the best manufacturers as well as those who provide free 2-day shipping and much more. Smart Manufacturing with the help of IoT is one great solution for those struggling to [...]

PortalTrack Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry

MSM Announces Its PortalTrack Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry Designed to Keep Mission-Critical Manufacturing Operations Running 24 Hours A Day

MSM Solutions provides an integrated RFID system, that runs on a completely customizable, secure, and independent IoT Network. Memphis, Tenn. — March 27, 2019— MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, announced today their Portal Track Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry. MSM’s PortalTrack software can be implemented in the automotive production line to provide vital reporting and metrics that enable real-time visibility and more informed decision making, all without interrupting the manufacturing workflow. “With a 24×7 production, it is imperative that the right parts and the right counts be [...]