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Delivering the Value of RFID Technology
To the Healthcare and Lab Sciences Markets

Deploying RFID technology is a challenge. However, the increased speed, inventory accuracy and visibility that RFID brings to the healthcare industry is proven. MSM Solutions’ PortalTrack® makes it easy for you to integrate RFID technology in healthcare across a variety of operations and hardware to do exactly what your business case requires.

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Ensuring Mission Critical Operations

MSM’s PortalTrack Healthcare software has been deployed in mission critical situations throughout the entire healthcare supply chain for applications such as:

  • Traceability and authentication solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Automated laboratory sample tracking and electronic chain of custody
  • Drug packing, verification and tracking
  • Point of care at the patient bedside and other hospital department applications
  • Monitoring and protecting patient data
  • Medical device tracking

The cloud-based architecture allows for redundancy in backing up and gathering critical information in a secure format and can be implemented as a standalone or integrated solution with Oracle, SAP and other ERP systems. Unique serialization of items allows for greater inventory accuracy, drug and vial tracking, brand authentication, and security. PortalTrack’s ability to monitor personnel in relation to select activities ensures data integrity within applications such as electronic chain of custody, pharmaceutical handling and point of care.

Popular Use Cases for PortalTrack Healthcare

  • Automated Chain of Custody
  • Test Station Optimization
  • Drug Packaging, Verification and Tracking
  • Real-Time Sample Location
  • Rush Sample Expediting
  • Improved Shipment Accuracy
  • Proof of Quality Control
  • Real-Time Error Prevention Alerts

Core Benefits of PortalTrack Healthcare

Reduce Operational Costs
Reduces Operational Costs

Automated processes and real-time inventory management significantly reduces labor and error costs associated with manual processes.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

Real-time visibility into all aspects of operations from source to shelf with comprehensive reporting and performance.

Best Cost of Ownership
Best Total Cost of Ownership

PortalTrack is a scalable solution with a tailored cost structure that can start with a single application and extend into a global enterprise solution and beyond.

Customer Support
Backed by MSM Solutions Support

Complete turn-key support, integration and installation with best in class technical support on the lifetime of the product.

PortalTrack Healthcare

Quick Resources & Documents

Explore MSM’s PortalTrack Healthcare solution even more and get up to speed quickly on the value that RFID and EPC technology can deliver your business.

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PortalTrack Healthcare | MSM Solutions

PortalTrack® Healthcare

Top Five Technical Features of PortalTrack

  1. Proven ERP, WMS & Proprietary Integration

    Deploy in the cloud or on-site, integrates with the world’s leading ERP and WMS systems such as Oracle, SAP, SQL and Web Services.

  2. Pioneer in Multi Chip Vendor EPC Serialization

    PortalTrack supports both MCS and manage serialization of EPC data from the world’s leading RFID tag manufacturers such as Impinj and Alien.

  3. Runs Anywhere on Any Device

    Through its cloud-based architecture, PortalTrack can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser, Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS or Android device.

  4. Flexible and Customizable Application Development

    A scalable platform that is highly customizable to fit your unique business processes.

  5. Seamless External Hardware Management

Fixed RFID Reader

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