Video: Top 4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Validate Their Electronic Product Code (EPC) Data

RFID technology coupled with Electronic Product Code (EPC) validation is the most efficient way to track products from the manufacturing facility to the showroom floor. RFID and EPC validation help retailers to: Confirm that a particular item is present Identify what type of product it is Count how many of a particular item is present Identify each specific item uniquely Determine where inventory items are located Understanding Electronic Product Codes EPCs are unique strings of numbers (not unlike the numbers represented by bar codes) that assign [...]


Video: The Different Ways RFID Tags and Labels Can Be Printed

RFID technology — and the ability to print RFID tags and labels quickly and cheaply from virtually anywhere — is radically improving efficiency and profitability in the apparel industry. However, before benefiting from the most advanced forms of RFID technology, apparel companies need to better understand the various components of the RFID label printing process. Electronic Product Codes (EPCs) The process begins with electronic product codes, which are embedded within a printed RFID label and are essential for supply chain management [...]