3 Mobile RFID Readers You Need Right Now

Clear and accurate insight into your inventory has never been more critical to the success of your business than it is today. In fact, inventory management can affect every aspect of your business. More specifically, inventory management and tracking can play a significant role in maximizing your bottom line.

Without transparency, you face several difficult challenges while attempting to manage your assets and inventory.

· Lack of visibility leads to excess or inadequate inventory.

· Deployment issues becomes a major problem if you don’t know where your assets are or how many you have.

· Productivity is lost attempting to track inventory with manual data entry.

· Customers will seek out alternative vendors if you can’t access or provide the assets they’re asking for.

What you need is a solution that can provide you with the following:

· An inventory management system that provides accurate and up-to-date data, providing you counts and locations.

· Outbound and inbound verification so you know who’s sending it, what you’re shipping, where it is in transit, when it arrived and who took possession.

· Geiger counter capabilities so you can easily search for specific items in warehouses or storerooms.

· A reliable method to spot check UPC and EPC matches for high-volume RFID label printing.

Luckily for you, the answer can easily be found in the palm of your hand. MSM Solutions offer a variety of Zebra mobile RFID readers that can help you solve your inventory management problem with the tap of a button or the pull of a trigger.

Just Point and Shoot with MC3330R or MC3330xR Integrated UHF RFID Readers

Need to do an accurate count but don’t want to open the box? Zebra’s MC3330 models have a scan range of 19.7 feet and can scan the contents inside the shipping box without breaking the seal. Built on an Android platform and designed for accuracy, it has a read rate that is 25%

faster and 40% more accurate than other similar devices. The one-piece design is capable of reading RFID and barcodes alike. All you have to do is point and shoot.

The rugged design boasts an impressive 5-foot drop specification and is sealed to protect it from splashing liquid and dust. With a scratch-resistant and shatter-proof screen, the MC3330 models are one of the lightest readers in its class and ergonomically designed for all-day comfort.

Go the Distance with MC3390R or MC3390xR Integrated Long-Range UHF RFID Readers

Developed with the same physical toughness of the MC3330 models, the Zebra MC3390 readers boost the scanning distance and capture RFID tags more than 60 feet away. That’s 200% farther than the next leading competitor.

As a single lightweight device, ergonomically designed to be comfortable all day long, the MC3390 models scan RFID tags and barcodes, bringing you a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your inventory management, order fulfillment and asset searching. Know what you have and where its located on the shelves, on the pallet or in transit.

Upgrade Your Current Mobile Device with the Zebra RFD8500 UHF RFID Reader

Already have RFID mobile devices but need it to be easier to use? Pair your mobile device, table or smart phone to the Zebra RFD8500 for a point-and-shoot solution that makes inventory management simple, easy and cost-effective.

With a range of about 20 feet, the RFD8500 was designed to let you attach your mobile device to the reader with quad lock mounts or custom-made adapters, creating a single RFID reader solution. Compatible with any Android, iOS or Windows device, the RFD8500 can also be used in standalone mode, so you can keep your phone or tablet in your pocket or holster.

Bluetooth not available? No problem. The RFD8500 can be used in batch mode to collect up to 40,000 RFID tags and/or 500 barcodes. Just sync the device afterwards to upload the data.

Stay Connected and Get the Insight You Need with MSM Solutions PortalTrack

Collecting inventory data is important, but you also need to be able to manage it all. PortalTrack from MSM Solutions is the solution you need to connect all the dots.

· Identification – Assigns each item its own unique Digital DNA.

· Tracking – Quickly locate specific assets through customizable dashboards and maps.

· Counting – Keep your inventory counts up-to-date with real-time accuracy.

· Management – Bring data to life with customized reporting and workflow processes.

· Integration – PortalTrack can be deployed in the cloud or on site using a variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop and web-based systems.

Ready to make your asset and inventory management easier and more efficient? Give us a call and let us help you figure out which mobile RFID reader is right for you.

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