Maintain Thermal Printer

5 Easy Tips to Help You Maintain Your Thermal Label Printer

Better printing quality, consistent performance and more cost-effective…these are just a few of the reasons why you may have decided to go with a thermal printer. And now that you’ve made the most practical choice in the best way to print whatever it is you need to print, we want to help you make sure you protect your investment.

To help you do that, we’ve highlighted what we consider to be the five easiest things you can do to help ensure your new thermal printer continues to perform like new for as long as you own it.

Tip #1: Printer Location is Key

Dust, heat, and humidity can affect the quality of your barcode labels that is why we recommend keeping your thermal label printer in a cool area free of dust and moisture as this can cause damage to the printer components.

Tip #2: Printer Cleanliness is Critical

This might be the most important tip. Routine maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your thermal label printer and we recommend you at least follow these five cleaning best practices.

  1. At least once a week dust your thermal printer by blowing it out with compressed air.
  2. When changing the thermal transfer ribbon or label roll, clean the sensors and rubber platen with isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth or cotton swab. Make sure the printer parts are completely dry before you start using it again.
  3. Use only approved cleaners for the printheads, holding them from the edges and avoid touching the printhead element surface as they are very fragile.
  4. Find out if your printer has a built-in printhead cleaner. These will guarantee continuous cleaning of the printhead.
  5. Replace worn out printheads

Tip #3: Avoid Printer Voltage Damage

Use a voltage regulator in case of changes in the voltage or a power outage. Although most thermal label printers have a fuse to prevent damages, changes in voltage could affect other vital parts such as sensors and screens.

Tip #4: Follow the Printer Manufacturer’s Instructions

Use the correct media and ribbons for your thermal label printer. This will allow you to run the printer at a lower energy setting while ensuring consistent high-quality labels. Use the proper printer settings for your application and always handle your printer with care.

Tip #5: Invest in Printer Service Maintenance Partner

We recommend that you implement a maintenance plan that will cover regular maintenance, printhead replacement, emergency repairs, and other service. Keeping your thermal label printer in optimal conditions is crucial for the quality of your barcode labels and avoiding downtime is critical for the smooth operation of your business issues.

Ensuring zero downtime is extremely important when your business is dependent on moving product out the door. Printer interruptions can have costly effects far beyond commitment letdowns. For this reason alone, it’s important to find a printer service and repair partner you can trust.

Working with a certified partner to assist you with maintaining your printer operations can make a world of difference, especially during critical times.  At MSM Solutions we offer our dedicated consumables customers free service and repairs through our Customer First program to ensure their business continuity.

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