PortalTrack Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry

MSM Announces Its PortalTrack Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry Designed to Keep Mission-Critical Manufacturing Operations Running 24 Hours A Day

MSM Solutions provides an integrated RFID system, that runs on a completely customizable, secure, and independent IoT Network. Memphis, Tenn. — March 27, 2019— MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, announced today their Portal Track Replenishment System for the Automotive Industry. MSM’s PortalTrack software can be implemented in the automotive production line to provide vital reporting and metrics that enable real-time visibility and more informed decision making, all without interrupting the manufacturing workflow. “With a 24×7 production, it is imperative that the right parts and the right counts be at each designated [...]

RFID Asset Tracking

TRACK | RFID Asset Tracking in Real-Time Using Portal Track

Where’s my stuff? This is one of the most common question in the warehouse industry.  To trace what comes in, what goes out and how many do I need is the constant in the manufacturing world. That is why tracing is key and the fastest and the more reliable the process is the better. What is Asset Tracking? Asset Tracking or Traceability is the ability to trace (or track) the movements and processes through which a particular product has traveled.  It is the ability to track [...]

RFID Enables Real-Time Warehouse Visibility for World's Largest Men's Accessory Company

RFID Enables Real-Time Warehouse Visibility for World’s Largest Men’s Accessory Company

MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, implemented RFID tracking solutions for real-time inventory management at the world’s largest men’s accessory company, Randa, in their Reno Nevada Fulfillment Center. “The challenges that Randa faced are the same problems that many businesses face; accurately identifying where stuff is and how much they have. Utilizing RFID and our PortalTrack software we were able to bring real-time visibility to the Randa Fulfillment Center. The results enabled Randa to easily and [...]

Top 5 Reasons Customers Love PortalTrack | MSM Solutions

Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Love PortalTrack

MSM Solutions created PortalTrack, a customizable RFID software system that can identify, track and monitor millions of items in real time. A variety of industries, including retail, healthcare and manufacturing, rely on PortalTrack to help them efficiently run their businesses. MSM Solutions recently conducted a survey, asking their customers what they thought were the best PortalTrack features. Most of those taking the survey had been customers for at least two years and had come from a variety of industries. There are [...]

How to Easily Identify Your Assets | MSM Solutions

How to Easily Identify Your Assets

Identifying your company assets can be difficult — if you don’t use the right tools. While you may be able to physically count the assets you hold, the process can be time-consuming and there is no way to know whether you are counting a widget you bought last week or one from 10 years ago. Adopting an Asset Management Solution solves this issue. Asset Management Solutions Simply put, your objects need a label to be tracked and that label needs to do more than [...]


What Is a Perpetual Inventory System?

Retail professionals know how vital inventory tracking is to staying profitable. It’s how you ensure that products are available when customers expect them to be. It’s how you prevent loss due to theft. It’s how you know when to order new product, how much product to order, and so much more. Nevertheless, inventory tracking is time-consuming and many retailers continue to use inefficient periodic inventory systems. With periodic inventory systems, you only know what’s going on at specific times, following [...]


What to Look for in Healthcare Inventory Tracking Software

Healthcare administrators have enough to worry about when it comes to ensuring that patients receive the highest caliber of medical services available. However, they also need to prevent the loss of costly medical supplies, pharmaceutical drugs and expensive medical apparatuses and machinery. It’s easy to see how something can get lost or misplaced when you consider the many things inside a hospital and the way they’re used by different professionals in different locations. Even worse, when it’s a medical sample [...]


Video: MSM Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of PortalTrack Success in 2017

MSM Solutions is proud to announce that our proprietary Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software component, PortalTrack, is now 10 years old. This means MSM has been a leader in providing customizable inventory visibility and asset management to organizations in a wide range of industries for an entire decade. PortalTrack now monitors and generates millions of RFID events every day for some of the world’s leading brands, and we’ve deployed it in countries all over the world. PortalTrack gives just about [...]


Video: Top 4 Reasons Why Retailers Should Validate Their Electronic Product Code (EPC) Data

RFID technology coupled with Electronic Product Code (EPC) validation is the most efficient way to track products from the manufacturing facility to the showroom floor. RFID and EPC validation help retailers to: Confirm that a particular item is present Identify what type of product it is Count how many of a particular item is present Identify each specific item uniquely Determine where inventory items are located Understanding Electronic Product Codes EPCs are unique strings of numbers (not unlike the numbers represented by bar codes) that assign [...]


6 Things Your Inventory Management System Should Be Doing for You

Retailers often fall into the unfortunate trap of not upgrading their “tried and true” inventory management system because it seems to be working fine. However, even it runs smoothly, an out-of-date system often cannot provide even the most basic features provided by modern RFID solutions. Sticking to methods such as manual inventories or older barcode systems can cause you to be less productive and miss out on a host of efficiency-boosting benefits, leading to your company being less competitive [...]