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Choosing the Right Label for Your Barcode Application

Your barcode printer labels are more than a commodity to identify an asset or item in inventory.  These labels assist in streamlining your workflow, increasing employee productivity and greatly improving accuracy.

With the workforce and demand situation we are faced with today, many organizations are trying to keep production moving with fewer employees working per shift, and order volumes rising by the day.  Selecting the right label solution has never been more important to the success of your business.

The Process Today

Taking a look at the process, what can be improved?  What small changes can be made that would yield big results?  Spending some time delving into the following questions can help you identify the greatest areas of need:

  • How much time do your workers spend developing workarounds for labels that aren’t a perfect fit for their respective application?  Has anyone measured the time spent? 
  • What about waste? Are you using all or only part of your existing labels? 
  • How much time is spent re-printing labels due to print quality or incorrect sequence of numbers?
  • How often do bottlenecks occur that are a result of a label-related issue?
  • Are compliance fees impacting your bottom line due to incorrect or unreadable barcodes?

Taking the time now to address supplies-related issues will benefit you in the long run.  The fix is likely to be well within reach.  With a little information and guidance, a label that matches the application can greatly optimize operations from start to finish.

Something as simple as changing the type of label can dramatically improve outcomes.

Making labels and other supplies in your business an overall part of your business strategy means making a match between the requirements and the tools being used.  From the information being printed to the material it’s printed on and the type of printer being used, you can pave the way to more efficient workflows.

Matching the label to the application means you will experience a label that prints consistently, adheres adequately to the item, and provides barcodes that scan accurately. All of these improvements result in fewer interruptions in the process.

For your employees, they will experience greater productivity and job satisfaction because they are not troubleshooting and spending time trying to find creative solutions for their labeling problems.  For your IT department, they will be able to minimize the time spent on label and printing-related helpdesk tickets. For the operations team, they can experience more uptime, less downtime and more correct shipments going out the door without delay.

Advantages of selecting the correct label.

Once you understand the type and size label you need for each of your applications, you can enjoy some of the benefits of improved printing performance.  For example, color-coded labels or on-demand color printing helps reduce shipping errors and improves cross-docking and sorting applications. 

If we told you that selecting an optimal label could help you improve throughput by 20%, would that be a motivator to make changes in your manufacturing or warehouse facility? Many customers have experienced improvements like this in their workflows.

If you are ready to put delayed shipments, decreased productivity and unnecessary fees behind you, enlist the services of a knowledgeable solution provider that has experience guiding customers through the process of developing a strategy for a modernized, effective labeling solution.

MSM Solutions has endorsed Zebra’s printing solutions and supplies for decades and have extensive experience in helping our customers build, implement, and manage labeling applications. Contact us today to schedule a discovery session and allow us to understand your obstacles and help you design and execute an effective labeling solution for your business.

For more examples and helpful tips, be sure to visit this Zebra Labeling Solutions web page for quick videos on challenges operations managers face in order to accurately identify assets, and the impact their current supplies have in the overall process.

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