Ensuring a Consistent Labeling Process

Now is the time to reset your printing priorities.

Right now is a crucial time to keep processes running efficiently in any operation, whether it’s a warehouse fulfilling e-commerce orders, a manufacturing plant producing products, or a store selling products.

With the challenges of labor shortages, supply chain issues, and customer demands giving many companies headaches, it’s important to eliminate inefficiency, downtime and interruptions in every area and with every device, including label printers.

When you need to get mission-critical work done, the last thing you want is a hassle or interruption in your printing, labeling, and tracking processes. If an industrial printer goes down, an entire production line could go down with it, all due to being unable to print labels for traceability and inventory tracking.

If a printer in a warehouse or plant can’t keep up with your labeling volume or can’t withstand your environment, and you end up having to repeatedly take it offline for repair or to adjust print quality and replace printheads, this can be another expensive disruption to your operations.

Security Concerns

Printer security is also a critical component, especially with the dramatic rise in cyberattacks targeting networked devices such as printers, which have historically not been protected compared to company networks and computers.

If you’re struggling with downtime, interruptions, and potential vulnerabilities from your existing label printers, your struggle is real.  Zebra printers, which are proven in the industry and highly recommended by our team over the last 20 years, offer unique network security along with the fact that they are designed for hassle-free operation and offer continuous label printing.

With Zebra printers, every step from deployment and configuration to getting unbeatable performance and durability, is made simple. We expect printers to work flawlessly with minimal interruption, and that’s idea behind Zebra’s robust and reliable barcode label printers.

Robust and Remarkable

Industrial printer technology is more advanced than ever before.  The devices are smarter, faster and more full-function, making it a true print solution.  Running your aging printer into the ground is not necessarily a good strategy in today’s world where demand has increased and labor is in short supply.  This is the time to begin thinking about moving to the next generation printer. In fact, Zebra offers a trade-in program right now on their legacy printers that includes a free printhead when you purchase a new device.

Zebra’s latest-generation industrial printers are built with all-metal internal components, built-in temperature monitoring and management, and ruggedness to withstand continuous, 24/7 printing in even the harshest environments where dirt, dust, and extreme temperatures are a constant threat.

But Zebra’s ruggedness doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice speed or precision. The company’s industrial printers also deliver best-in-class print speeds with up to 300dpi quality, even on the tiniest labels.

Thermal printing possibilities

When it comes to desktop or mobile label printing, Zebra’s compact thermal label printers are similarly tough in their own right, and they produce high-quality labels, tags and receipts with extremely easy setup and flexible connectivity.

In addition to outstanding performance and reliability, Zebra has also developed the enterprise printing industry’s best ease of use and strongest security, which help you keep your printing processes running uninterrupted and help you protect your printers, networks, and data.

You can get your printer up and running in seconds, and everything from media loading to managing and updating your device is incredibly simple with Zebra’s simplified user interfaces and its centralized and cloud-based tools. Everything is as simple as pushing, clicking, or tapping a button, whether it’s on your printer, in Zebra’s Link-OS cloud-based printer operating system, or in Zebra’s mobile apps for printer management.

Remote Device Management

You can even ship a Zebra printer to a company location and deploy, configure, and manage or troubleshoot it remotely, without local users needing to do anything but plug it in and connect it. Zebra printers also come with scannable QR codes to access help videos to answer questions or help you troubleshoot any issue, and its printer displays are designed to make it easy to see printer status at a glance and interact with on-board menus.

Across all Zebra printers, from industrial to mobile devices, you also get industry leading security with Zebra’s PrintSecure apps and configuration tools. These allow you to easily configure your printers to encrypt all connections, block unauthorized access, and control data exchanges to safeguard enterprise security.

There is also a Protected Mode to prevent unauthenticated settings changes to your printers, a set of tools to prevent accidental Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, and a Security Assessment Wizard to help you uncover potential vulnerabilities, compare your settings against best practices, and make the right changes to ensure printer security.

We make deployment and integration easy with our support team helping you from start to finish. We can help you determine which model is most suitable for your application, we can work with you to integrate your printers into your existing system and provide you with advice on the best media for your use case.










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