MSM Solutions has helped thousands of companies around the world use barcode and RFID
technology to improve internal efficiencies and overcome many of the challenges that today’s
leading businesses face. Let MSM put their expertise to work for you.

EPC Printing and Encoding

As pioneers in multi-chip vendor Electronic Product Code (EPC) serialization, MSM’s PortalTrack EPC printing and encoding solutions have been deployed globally by some of world’s largest and most recognizable brand owners. Trusted and proven, PortalTrack enables businesses to meet all of their EPC tagging requirements.

Zone and Item Tracking

Whether it’s in the back of your warehouse, on a shelf in a laboratory or on pallet in a regional distribution center, PortalTrack and the RFID experts at MSM enable businesses to track, locate and manage their items and assets in real-time. As a result, businesses no longer have to ask themselves “where are my things?” because they’ll always know thanks to real-time item visibility and real-time intelligent analytical reporting.

Powered by RFID technology, this level of business intelligence can reduce the time it takes to locate an item by as much as 90% enabling businesses to operate more nimbly, fulfill orders faster and increase their capacity potential. Using fixed RFID readers positioned at strategic chokepoints and mobile RFID readers on the floor, PortalTrack gives businesses the power to locate items in real-time regardless of where their physical location is.

Inventory Management

In today’s ultra-competitive global business environment, conventional methods of tracking inventory and locating items such as manual data entry and human assisted scanning are extremely inefficient and costly to perform. When on-hand inventory counts and item locations are delayed, sales are lost, product is wasted and labor costs increase.

Utilizing its PortalTrack software solution and the latest in RFID technologies, MSM Solutions inventory management experts are able to improve inventory accuracy and reduce cycle count inventories by over 75% on average. By delivering real-time visibility capabilities, PortalTrack enables businesses to better manage their inventory by providing them with the ability to monitor raw materials, finished goods and critical assets in real-time throughout their entire operations. Contact MSM today to learn more about how PortalTrack can enhance your inventory management.

Brand Protection

Every year major retailers and brand owners from every corner of the world experience the pains related to either having their merchandise stolen and then sold in grey markets, or having their products counterfeited and sold as genuine, and in many cases both. Thanks to PortalTrack from MSM Solutions, RFID technology businesses, can create a digital DNA for their items and safeguard themselves from these multi-billion-dollar issues that have plagued the retail industry for years.

Brand owners can effectively protect the value of their brands by ensuring product authenticity at all touch-points throughout the entire supply chain, from point-of-origin to point-of-sale. By verifying and validating their Electronic Product Code (EPC) data with PortalTrack, retailers can ensure that genuine merchandise is being sold in the proper channels, quickly identify counterfeit goods, and more effectively deal with stolen goods. We encourage you to view The Benefits of Validating RFID EPC Tag Data video to learn more about how EPC verification and validation can help your business combat these challenges.

Shipping and Receiving

Two of the most critical components of any operation are its shipping and receiving processes. Whether its receiving items for downstream production or shipping finished goods to distributors and customers, errors in these operational areas can have serious effects that can result in delayed production, additional labor costs and products not leaving on time. With RFID technology you can be confident that the right products get shipped to and received at the correct destination every time.

For decades, MSM Solutions has been at the forefront of helping businesses embrace automation technology and adapt their shipping and receiving processes through the use of RFID, Barcode, printing and mobile technologies to improve their efficiency and maintain maximum productivity.

Software Application
and Integration

With decades of experience in RFID and Barcode data collection systems, MSM Solutions in-house engineering team has the software and hardware expertise to bring efficiency and accuracy to all of your unique business’s processes. Whether you’re wanting to deploy a standalone or cloud-based system, connect to a PLC interface, or integrate with a WMS or ERP system, the experts at MSM can integrate its PortalTrack software solution into your existing business operations without causing any interruptions.

With its scalable platform and superior hardware integration capability, PortalTrack provides endless customized application possibilities. So Whether your wanting to gain real-time visibility for key manufacturing metrics via web based dashboards or monitor inventory levels throughout your entire global retail operations, the software application and integration experts at MSM can assist you with every aspect of your application.

Automatic Print and Apply

High speed in-line label and barcode printing is one of the most efficient ways to increase accuracy and reduce labor costs. The automatic print and apply label and barcode printer systems that MSM delivers its customers are designed to run 24/7 and can be integrated with existing PLC controls, in-line barcode scanners, or fixed RFID readers.

At the core of any tracking and identification system is the label application system and media that deliver the barcode, graphic or any other unique visual identifier for a particular item or groups of items. From basic shipping to graphic rich and environmentally demanding labels, MSM Solutions has been deploying and maintaining high-speed labeling and encoding systems for some of the world’s most trusted brands for over two decades.