Go Zebra Trade-in Program

Trade-In Program to Upgrade Mobile Technologies at Crucial Time

This year presents disruptions and financial hardships for businesses from the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. One way we can help is by communicating to you a trade-in program by Zebra that allows businesses to upgrade their mobile computers, barcode and RFID printers, barcode scanners, and tablets while saving up to $600 per device.

The GO Zebra program from Zebra Technologies offers savings on every device when you trade in your aging or obsolete equipment for the latest next-generation solutions from Zebra. You can trade in any qualifying device, including non-Zebra products, and get rebates starting at $15 to $25 per device for entry-level barcode scanners, all the way up to $650 per device for industrial printers.

Rebates are available on the following products, covering a wide array of mission-critical mobile technologies:

  • Handheld mobile computers
  • Vehicle-mounted mobile computers
  • Rugged enterprise tablets
  • Smartphone-style touch computers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Industrial printers
  • Mobile printers
  • Card printers
  • Select charging stations
  • Mobile printer batteries

An economic downturn or reduction in revenue could force many companies to cut back on their budgets and expenditures.  Fortunately, this program provides some relief, particularly in cases where businesses need to upgrade now to ensure their devices are supported, secure and boosting the productivity of their workforce.

Windows End of Support

One big factor influencing the move to more modern technology is the end of support for Windows Embedded Handheld and most of Microsoft’s Windows mobile operating systems. End of life for these platforms has left most users of Windows mobile operating systems without future security patches or OS updates; leaving their devices and networks vulnerable to cyberattacks.

GO Zebra Trade-In

It’s also timely for businesses that want to turn OS and hardware upgrades into better mobile workflow productivity and efficiency. For example, with the GO Zebra Trade-in Program, you can upgrade to fully supported and highly secure Android mobile computing devices with touch-screen simplicity that makes workflows and scanning as simple as tapping a smartphone screen or swiping a screen to enter data.

With new Android devices such as Zebra’s MC9300 mobile computer, you can combine Android’s touch simplicity with a traditional keypad for an ultra-rugged handheld mobile computer and scanner that’s the best of both worlds.

Alternatively, you can choose an Android smartphone-style touch computer or a revolutionary device such as Zebra’s TC8300 touch mobile computer. The TC8300 combines touch computing and tilt-free barcode scanning to boost warehouse worker productivity by 14% and enable 40% faster data entry with 60% fewer errors.

To learn more about Zebra’s family of mobile computers as well as barcode printing and scanning solutions, or find out how you can upgrade your mobile and data capture technologies with the GO Zebra Trade-in Program, contact us today.

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