RFID Digital DNA

How RFID Helps You Create a Digital DNA for Unique Object Identity

Identity is a hot topic these days. Did you know that objects need an identity?

Establishing individual object identities is an essential tool to streamline your daily operations. It’s more than just assigning an Electronic Product Code (EPC). It’s creating Digital DNA that enables you to identify, track, count and manage items in your inventory in real-time.

Creating Object Identity through Digital DNA

While barcodes and QR codes are great for identifying entire shipments of products, individual object identity is better managed using RFID technology. Using RFID smart labels, you can assign unique EPC identifiers for each item in your inventory or asset management.

This creates Digital DNA that can be assigned at multiple locations, such as:

  • Factory
  • In the Store
  • At the Distribution Center

Object identity through Digital DNA lets you identify each item so you have detailed, real-time visibility of your entire inventory throughout each item’s lifecycle.

Digital DNA RFID

Using Digital DNA for Real-Time Visibility

When you’ve established an object identity for every item in your inventory, you gain the ability to track and analyze things in real-time.

RFID smart labels give you unprecedented visibility as your inventory volumes grow or shrink. And you don’t even have to put much effort into assessing your product counts. Tools like Zebra’s Integrated RFID Portals scan and trace the Digital DNA of your inventory as they naturally pass through designated stations in your supply chain.

By integrating your RFID technology into workflow management or ERP, you’ll have fast and accurate inventory counts for all your products.

Accurate Inventory Counts with RFID Digital DNA

Knowing where your inventory is at all times is one of the keys to meeting profit goals. However, you also need to know how many inventory items you have if you want to meet customer expectations.

By leveraging the Digital DNA within your object identities, you can track your inventory with greater accuracy so you always know exactly what you have, what you need and when to order more. Using Integrated RFID Portals, you can quickly and easily update your inventory counts through inbound and outbound order validation.

And more accurate product counts lead to better inventory management.

Using Digital DNA to Improve Your Inventory Management

Having accurate inventory counts doesn’t help unless you know what to do with the information. The Digital DNA adds value to your business by creating actionable insight that helps you make intelligent business decisions.

By establishing and utilizing an RFID solution with Digital DNA, you create systems that help your business operate more efficiently.

  • Customized Reporting
  • Facility Mapping
  • Real-Time Notifications

Leverage Your Digital DNA with PortalTrack 

PortalTrack by MSM Solutions is a fully customizable barcode and RFID software solution that uses the Digital DNA found in your inventory to give you visibility and control over your business operations.

Able to integrate with most WMS, ERP, WCS, POS and accounting systems, PortalTrack has a scalable design that grows with your success, breathing life into your object identities.

With practical uses across multiple industries and markets, PortalTrack empowers you to use barcode and RFID technology to make timely decisions that help your business meet customer demand while achieving a better understanding of your inventory.

To learn more about you can use PortalTrack and Digital DNA to better manage your inventory, contact MSM Solutions today.

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