Android Operating System for PortalTrack

MSM Solutions Launches New Android Operating System for PortalTrack RFID Software

New OS enables customers to identify, track, count and manage assets in real time

MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, today announced that it has improved its PortalTrack Android platform for mobile RFID and barcode asset tracking applications. The enhancements complement the already robust PortalTrack RFID Software Platform. The new PortalTrack platform paves the way for businesses moving from Windows-based platforms to Android – the best mobile device operating system for businesses.

PortalTrack’s continuous improvement platform embraces the latest tools to deliver the best solutions for RFID tracking, inventory and EPC printing and encoding. The platform works well with the latest RFID technologies like the NXP UCode 8-chip set; Impinj R6-chip set; Zebra Technologies’ TC72, MC3330R Mobile Reader along with the RFD2000 and RFD8500, which can be paired with both Android and IOS devices; plus the Alien ALR-H460.

“As Windows devices are phased out and industry support ends, our customer base is shifting toward the Android platform and looking for cloud-based systems to better identify, track, count and manage their assets,” said Brett Wilkerson, RFID Business Development Manager at MSM Solutions.

PortalTrack secure mobile applications are trusted by Fortune 500 companies. The applications provide global insight by enabling real-time visibility and providing actionable business intelligence that improves supply chain traceability. With MSM, you get solutions designed to fit into existing workflows that are up to date, viable for the future, quickly deployed and easy to maintain

Android-based mobile applications on the updated PortalTrack platform ensure enterprise-level security, having passed very strict stress tests in proven deployments. They offer a much-improved user experience with a modern and intuitive design that leads to increased efficiency. Built on a platform that can be used as a stand-alone application or can easily be integrated into host systems – Oracle, SAP, Azure, WMS and web services – MSM’s PortalTrack Android mobile applications can operate on-prem or in the cloud.

PortalTrack Android applications are deployed globally, powering supply chain traceability in healthcare, retail, automotive, manufacturing and pharmaceutical RFID applications such as the following:

  • Inbound / outbound EPC shipment verification.
  • Perpetual and cycle count inventory.
  • Work-in-process tracking.
  • EPC printing and encoding.
  • Supply chain visibility.
  • Returnable tote, bin and pallet tracking.
  • GS1 and Department of Defense compliance.
  • Full suite analytics available on any device anywhere, including condition-based real-time alert functions, facility mapping and customizable reporting.

MSM’s new and improved Android platform is proven and deployed globally, enabling customers to Identify, track, count and manage assets in real time.

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