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What’s New with the Honeywell CK75 Mobile Computer?

The CK71 has been updated and improved with the introduction of the Honeywell CK75. The CK75 is an extremely rugged and versatile handheld computer that combines the best of the older model with several new features. This device already has a reputation for improving distribution and warehouse operations for a variety of diverse companies. There are several new features that make the CK75 more effective than ever.

Smaller and Lighter

Compared to similar devices in the rugged class, the CK75 is lighter and smaller by 31 percent. This upgrade combines the strength and ruggedness of the previous model with incredible agility and flexibility. A smaller device makes it easier for employees to carry and use while out on the floor in a warehouse or anywhere else in a large factory or company.

The new model still boasts industrial grade materials, making it both versatile and strong in a working environment. It can withstand drops of up to 8 feet onto concrete and continue to work effectively. Even though it’s lighter, smaller and easier to handle, it can still work effectively in extremely cold environments, including freezers. Quickly scanning barcodes and managing inventory is even more efficient and easy to manage with the CK75.

Versatile Scanning

The standard CK75 improves on its scanning ability by providing two distinct options for scanning barcodes and efficiently manage inventory.

  • The EX25 Near/Far 2D imager has an extended scanning range of approximately half a foot all the way up to 50 feet. This particular scanner is capable of scanning 1D as well as 2D barcodes within this range.
  • The N5603ER high-performance 2D imager features Adaptus Imaging Technology. There is also optional licensing available for DPM (Direct Part Marking) capability.

Users can easily make changes to the scanner settings. There is a simple process for discarding these changes and then restoring the default. The Honeywell CK75 also provides the farthest and fastest imaging engines, delivering exceptional barcode read performance and incredible motion tolerance. These upgrades and improvements in scanning provide companies with more versatility and greater options.

Digital Camera Option

The CK75 offers an integrated camera option. This includes a 5 megapixel auto-focus, full-color camera that uses a LED flash. Screen rotation is possible with an embedded accelerometer. This can also be used with custom apps when providing input.

The color camera can be used to take pictures, perform document and signature capture, record videos and read barcodes. The camera settings can be easily changed by going to the all apps screen. This is a great option for companies that desire a camera based reader for barcodes. Having a digital camera simply creates more choices for a company.

Android Ability

This particular handheld computer can support Android 6 as well as Windows Embedded 6.5. Windows Embedded users can still deploy CK75 handheld computers into already existing applications that are operating current software. The CK75 units are able to be converted to Android 6 when it’s time to transition to new applications.

Being able to use either Windows or Android make this handheld computer the ideal choice for virtually any business or organization. Because not everyone is ready for Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, the Android 6 offers an alternative path to the OS that is currently the dominant smartphone market. In going to Android 6, the CK75 allows companies to maintain all their current infrastructure.

The CK75 has the farthest and fastest imaging engines the industry has to offer. Whether it’s retail, healthcare, automotive or manufacturing, the Honeywell CK75 can deliver incredible encoding, tracking and monitoring performance for thousands of items.

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