RFID Enables Real-Time Warehouse Visibility for World's Largest Men's Accessory Company

RFID Enables Real-Time Warehouse Visibility for World’s Largest Men’s Accessory Company

MSM Solutions, a global provider of RFID and barcode solutions, implemented RFID tracking solutions for real-time inventory management at the world’s largest men’s accessory company, Randa, in their Reno Nevada Fulfillment Center.

“The challenges that Randa faced are the same problems that many businesses face; accurately identifying where stuff is and how much they have. Utilizing RFID and our PortalTrack software we were able to bring real-time visibility to the Randa Fulfillment Center. The results enabled Randa to easily and accurately identify inventory locations and counts; which in turn lowered labor and operating costs, increased customer satisfaction and enabled real-time decision making.” Brett Wilkerson, RFID Business Development, MSM Solutions.

MSM Solutions has been providing RFID and barcode technology for 37 years and is a pioneer in GS1 Electronic Product Code (EPC) Serialization. In 2012 Randa requested assistance from MSM Solutions to meet RFID compliance tagging for select retailers. In 2016, Randa Logistics approached MSM Solutions with an idea on expanding the use of RFID at one of their state-of-the-art 525,000 square foot Multi Fulfillment Centers in Reno, Nevada. The goal of the project was to identify, track, count, and manage pallet-level shipments headed to retail stores throughout the United States. Storage space was limited due to tens of millions of product units moving annually.

MSM Solutions tailored its Portal Track Software solution to provide real-time results. The reporting features provided Randa with real-time visibility to the present location of any pallet in the fulfillment center, Randa Logistics can login to any web-enabled device and see all available pallets for shipping by customer PO and Retailer with the added functionality to search and sort by other variable data. MSM Solutions also provided a mapping feature that is an exact replica of the 525,000 square foot Randa fulfillment center that will pinpoint any pallet within a zone or show all available pallets within a selected zone.

“We have replicated this same model with other customers and see a continual climb in the number of requests for similar applications. As RFID becomes more and more mainstream, we will see many more customers adopt this approach and leverage the power of RFID to Identify – Track- Count and Manage inventory,” Brett Wilkerson, RFID Business Development, MSM Solutions.

PortalTrack Apparel RFID | Randa | MSM Solutions

“The real-time visibility and reporting that PortalTrack delivered has allowed us to make better and more timely decisions. Knowing exact counts and the exact locations of items in a facility this size has eliminated wasted labor costs searching for items, prevented shipment delays and helped us avoid chargebacks,” stated Randy Kennedy, Chief Logistics Officer at Randa Logistics.

MSM Solutions and Randa documented the problems and solution in a case study, RFID Enables Real-Time Visibility at Randa Fulfillment Center, available for download.


About Randa, The World’s Largest Men’s Accessories Company
Founded in 1910, Randa is the world’s largest men’s accessories company, spans 11 countries, with a portfolio of 50+ brands and 100+ years of experience. From sketch to scale, across four extraordinary product divisions, Randa produces exceptional products and services worldwide, delighting customers. With a current product mix that includes neckwear, jewelry, belts, furnishings, wallets, seasonal accessories, luggage, and travel; Randa has proven to be an industry leader in trends, innovation, design and consumer insights.

Randa manufactures, sources and assembles products in locations across the globe. Randa inspectors monitor the progress, quality and social compliance of the entire process, to ensure speed, accuracy and customer satisfaction.

In-house packaging pairs with successful point-of-sale displays. Randa reinvents the sales floor to engage consumers whenever and wherever they shop with innovative story-telling that ultimately increase sales. Randa Logistics is a division within Randa Accessories that supports one million square feet of eco-friendly fulfillment facilities in New Orleans, Reno, Toronto, Melbourne, Glenrothes, and Johannesburg, forms are processed, the product is inspected, and with robotic systems, inventory is packed, weighed and shipped at record speeds.

Randa delivers a competitive advantage at point-of-sale via MCG and its 3,500 nationwide retail merchandisers. MCG merchandises, replenishes, demonstrates, and sells product, elevates brands and engages consumers at over 10,000 stores. More information is available at http://www.randa.net.

About MSM Solutions and PortalTrack 
MSM Solutions has been providing exceptional service and innovative applications for more than thirty years. As the leading integrator of barcode and RFID products, MSM Solutions matches the best technology to customers’ business goals. MSM Solutions PortalTrack Software is a customizable software solution trusted by the world’s leading brands. PortalTrack identifies, counts, tracks and manages millions of objects every day. Founded in 1981, MSM Solutions is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, and services customers around the world. Visit http://www.msmsolutions.com to learn more.

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