Secure Mobility and Printing

Get Two-For-One Security and Support for Your Mobile Printer Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a world where even your refrigerator can be hacked with the right software. But unless you’re in the business of manufacturing or selling them, a refrigerator is the least of your worries. What you should really be worried about is the vulnerability of your barcode and RFID printer network.

Hackers are nothing if not innovative. They spend all of their time testing new ways to gain access to restricted networks, disrupt businesses, and steal valuable data. While cyberthreats targeting PC operating systems and smartphones steal the headlines, all IoT devices have the potential to become a tool for a hacker. Your warehouse printers are no exception.

The first six months of 2019 saw more than 3,800 publicly disclosed data breaches exposing more than 4 billion personal and private records. The scary part is that 43% of those breaches involved small businesses. Data can be pulled from a printer’s memory, file system or hard drives.

When connected to the cloud, your printers are exposed to public infrastructures that may not be properly secured. Vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers and with so much business-critical data found in one location, a concentrated attack and a single point of failure could be catastrophic for your business.

What you need is a dedicated team that will partner with you to ensure your mobility printing is secure and supported.

Zebra Technologies & MSM Solutions for the WIN!

MSM is proud to partner with Zebra Technologies and their commitment to security and reliability. Zebra printers are designed with software written specifically to shield you from

dangerous IoT attacks. Their exclusive software, Zebra Print DNA, makes their printers easy to use, manage and secure so your sensitive data is protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With an intelligent operating system that allows a combination of applications to help you succeed, you can easily integrate Zebra devices into your network and manage them remotely from day one. From mobile computers and industrial barcode label printers to RFID printers and print engines, Zebra offers a variety of solutions with a robust design and dependable functionality that keep downtime to a minimum and productivity to the max.

Expert Service & Support from MSM Solutions

For more than 30 years, MSM Solutions has supplied our customers with business-critical solutions that keep them running with our industry-leading Customer First service and support program.

Our Customer First program offers printer services and support at no additional charge when you purchase your supplies exclusively from us. Services include:

· On-site training and installation

· On-site repair and maintenance

· Business critical 24/7 support

· Routine evaluations & hardware check-ups

· Tailored hot swaps, spares and loaners

· Time and materials repairs

Plus, MSM Solutions is an Authorized Zebra Printer Repair Specialist and our team of Customer First service experts are certified Zebra Authorized Service Engineers with decades of industry experience.

If you’re not using MSM solutions to solve your barcode and RFID issues, it’s time to consider a change. Drop us a line and find out how we can help secure your printer network so you can operate more securely.

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