Serving up Software: 4 Reasons why BarTender is an Industry Favorite

What is BarTender Software?

Bartender software stands at the forefront of labeling and barcoding technology.

If you’re in the market for barcode label software, then chances are you’ve heard of BarTender.  BarTender is a product of Seagull Scientific, and helps users simplify the creation of labels, documents, barcodes and more.  For anyone who has had the responsibility to print labels for serial plates, inventory materials, orders, pallets, shelving, assets and even ID cards, you know how difficult it can be to manage it with a home-grown program and limited parameters.

With BarTender you have full flexibility to create, secure and manage the label design and printing process, all while getting maximum performance from your printer. Here are a few of our favorite reasons why BarTender is such an asset to our customers. 

Powerful Design Tools

One of the major advantages of using BarTender software is the flexibility you have with label design.  With canned software, you’re forced to work within the constraints presented to you.  With BarTender, designing a printed label or document of any kind is easy with more than 50 drawing shapes, text wrapping, text auto-fit and more.  These design tools are what separate the amateurs from the professionals when it comes to professional barcode labels.

Printer-Specific Drivers

Users can easily maximize the performance of their existing printers with the ability to download the exact print driver specified for the printer.  With Drivers by Seagull™, you’ll receive (free!) a windows printer driver download for your desktop or industrial thermal label printer, card printer or other specialty printer.  This makes it easy to print what you need from any windows program, and enables printers to be used at peak performance using special high-speed printing functions that are only accessible with the appropriate driver.

Safe, Secure & Efficient

With today’s network security concerns, it’s important to know that the software you’re using has been designed with the security of your data in mind.  A few of the basics include:

  • Role-based access permissions
  • Password protected editing and printing features
  • Secure monitoring
  • Email alerts for critical printing issues

Choose the BarTender that Serves You Best

BarTender’s software options include three different editions based on your unique business needs.  Choose from:

Professional Ideal for small businesses, with the ability to link to content from a database, spreadsheet or other files.  This includes a designer tool for customized label and card designs.

Automation Great for businesses who need to automate labeling in order to increase productivity and reduce errors.  This version offers the tools you need to manage and integrate printing of labels or documents with your existing business systems.

Enterprise Works well for larger organizations with compliance requirements, special industry needs or when you need control of the design and printing of labels and documents throughout the organization. A web-enabled approval process streamlines workflow with anywhere, anytime access with print security across printing locations.

As your business grows and needs change, upgrading is a snap!  At MSM we can help you design the right labels or documents you need, help you select the type of printer(s) that work best for your workflow and environment, and ensure that training time is minimal for maximum uptime.

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