Supporting Caregivers on the Move with a Healthcare-Designed Mobile Computer

One lesson we’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that increasing workloads and labor shortages have put a premium on caregiver efficiency in virtually every healthcare workplace. Today, more than ever, clinicians simply don’t have time to hunt for equipment, supplies, or information. They need devices that put information at their fingertips and instantly connect them with other care team members.

For much of the past decade, many healthcare organizations have been investing in mobile technologies that help improve efficiency in their operations, and as the pandemic lingers on, even more hospitals are focusing their investments on technology solutions that help frontline caregivers improve patient outcomes. The goal is to enable caregivers to work as productively as possible while enhancing everyone’s safety and ensuring patient privacy.

As healthcare organizations explore their options, more and more are discovering that outfitting their frontline workers with handheld devices designed for healthcare environments (like Zebra’s TC52x-HC mobile computer) is one of the easiest steps they can take to boost productivity at the point of care.

The Touch-Computer Built for Healthcare Environments

MSM Solutions often recommends and integrates the TC52x-HC into our solutions because it is a purpose-built mobility solution giving nurses and other frontline practitioners an easy way to access information and patient data, as well as to connect with other caregivers. It’s designed specifically to help simplify today’s complex workflows, allowing clinicians to complete essential tasks more quickly, and dramatically reducing or eliminating the time they spend searching for information.

Here are just a few of the features that make the TC52x-HC a solid choice for healthcare applications:

Full-shift battery power. The TC52X-HC employs a high-capacity rechargeable PowerPrecision+ battery that delivers 12 to 14 hours of performance—enough for almost any single shift. And, the battery is hot-swappable, which means a new battery can be installed in just seconds without rebooting the device, eliminating the need to restart applications and log in again if a battery runs low.

Maximum durability. The TC52x-HC may look like a familiar smartphone, but it’s engineered specifically for reliable performance in healthcare environments. These devices feature impact protection that deliver far superior drop and tumble performance than any consumer smartphone, and they’re sealed to withstand spills and liquids, including frequent exposure to common disinfectants.

Reliable capturing of barcodes and labels. With the TC52x-HC, practitioners can quickly scan 1D, 2D, and Unique Device Identification (UDI) barcodes on everything from color-coded specimen trays and patient wristbands to blood bags and medical devices that have uneven surfaces. The omnidirectional scanner offers an expanded working range and wide field of view that allows caregivers to scan barcodes up close or at a distance with no need to align the device with the barcode.

Frontline workforce connections. Quick and easy access to data is essential in healthcare settings, but sometimes nothing will replace the ability to speak directly with other caregivers. The TC52x-HC delivers a range of powerful, ready-to-use voice solutions, including Zebra’s Workforce Connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Voice options. The familiar Android platform also supports a wide range of voice and video solutions from other providers.

Programmable duress button. When a clinician faces an emergency situation, they need a solution that instantly lets them summon assistance. With the TC52x, they can employ a simple double press of a dedicated duress button on the back of the device to wake up the device and automatically make a call or send a secure message to summon help.

If your healthcare organization is searching for technology that will help you maximize productivity and improve patient outcomes, contact us to learn more about Zebra’s TC52x-HC and how it can help you improve collaboration, efficiency, and accuracy.

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