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The ROI of Print and Apply Label Systems

Print and apply label systems offer businesses the highest level of productivity and capabilities versus applying by hand when it comes to labels. Businesses that adopt and integrate a print-and-apply system significantly improve their efficiency, enabling  single employees the ability to perform the function of a few, resulting in a more cost-effective solution with a fast return on investment (ROI), usually within eight to twelve months.

Here are some factors you should consider when trying to calculate the ROI for investing in a Print and Apply labeler:

  • Manual labeling and application is highly repetitive and a very tedious task for employees. Resulting injuries from repetitive motions can also lead to increased medical costs to your business. Automated print-and-apply labelers eliminate such injuries while improving employee job satisfaction and thereby generating a more productive workforce.
  • Most print-and-apply label systems were built with space constraints in mind and were designed for operating in small environments. On the contrary, working with a team of employees manually applying the same labels can drastically increase the workspace footprint.
  • Manually applying labels is more prone to human error. Slow performance, inaccurate barcodes and incorrect placement are just some of the problems associated with manual and preprinted labeling. Print an Apply Labeling Systems minimize human intervention and increase accuracy.
  • Print and apply labeling systems can eliminate pre-printed and pre-encoded barcode and RFID label inventories that are subject to obsolescence and high minimum-quantity order requirements. And because they deliver on-demand performance, automatic labeling systems enable businesses to change label data at the push of a button for today’s most demanding customer requirements.
  • There are auto-redundant Print and Apply Labeling Systems with virtually no downtime because two label printer applicators (print & apply) are placed on one production line so that when one labeling head is taken off-line for label and ribbon replenishment, the second labeling head is triggered for immediate operation. The end result, an auto-redundant label system with zero downtime.
  • Hand-labeling often produces major bottlenecks in the manufacturing/packaging and delivering process. High-speed in-line label and barcode printing is one of the most efficient ways to increase accuracy and reduce labor costs.

With the versatile range of commercial printers available in the market, it’s hard to choose which printer and label application system would work best for your custom business process.  Such as the high speed, thermal transfer labeler, which applies sensitive pressure to the item’s surface; to the corner wrap printer applicator that swings its’ arm and rotates to apply corner labels. Additionally, there are more sophisticated print and apply machines that have been developed to print an apply labels to irregular target shapes such as in the fruit industry, requiring variable data printing on the top and bottoms of its bowls and trays simultaneously. Depending on the application, you can choose among the most suitable printing technologies to apply in the distribution center, the office, in various other commercial use cases.

Contact us to learn more about what print and apply label system would work best for your application.

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