Smart Manufacturing with RFID Technology

The Top Benefits of Smart Manufacturing and Warehouse using IoT RFID Technology

In an age in which even the smallest startup company is forced to compete in a market dominated by huge, innovative conglomerates, finding ways to make manufacturing faster and more efficient can be vital to business. Indeed, no matter what types of products you manufacture, you now have to compete with those who can afford the best manufacturers as well as those who provide free 2-day shipping and much more. Smart Manufacturing with the help of IoT is one great solution for those struggling to compete in this everchanging market.

Smart Manufacturing Process

Simply put, Smart manufacturing refers to a blanket concept that denotes the various methods by which companies go about optimizing the manufacturing process. Moreover, these methods typically include a combination of robotics, internet technology, cybersecurity, IoT, artificial intelligence, Blockchain in manufacturing, conditions monitoring, and more. No matter what combination of tools are utilized, the overall goal of Smart manufacturing is to utilize technology and manpower in order to achieve optimal results.

For instance, MSM Solution’s Portal Track brings real-time visibility in manufacturing, from start to finish. Therefore, this literally allows companies to keep track of the manufacturing process in real-time. Using RFID technology, scanners, and other technology, companies are able to log in and view the specific details of their individual orders at will. This makes it possible for companies to be notified about hiccups in the process as well as minimize shipping errors, and more. The benefits are as follows:

  • Improve plant floor productivity and safety
  • Increase warehouse visibility
  • Maximize machine workflows and investments
  • Optimize field and supply chain operations
  • Minimize shipping errors
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming manual processes
  • Protect against counterfeit goods
  • Reduce loss of reusable assets

 Using IoT in Smart Manufacturing

For those who are yet unfamiliar, the IoT or Internet of Things is a term used to describe the extension of the technology of the internet into our everyday lives. With regards to Smart manufacturing, IoT is about creating an online identity for each individual product as it moves through the manufacturing process. This creates a block chain of records through each process and as it moves across the supply chain. In the end, this makes it possible to keep detailed records of the manufacturing processes of a variety of products for the long-term. 

RFID Technology

As mentioned, MSM Solutions utilizes barcode and RFID technology in order to enable Smart manufacturing and warehousing across the eco-chain. Therefore, companies can keep a close eye on the process in order to find ways to boost efficiency over time. For instance, if you are having issues with regards to quality control, you can monitor the process in order to uncover fixes using Smart manufacturing. Using this method, your company will be immediately made aware of issues with regards to quality as well as exactly what needs to be changed in order to improve the quality and thus, the overall manufacturing process. 

Overall, if you are seeking Smart manufacturing measures, MSM Solutions can help. A great way to boost efficiency with the help of technology, MSM Solutions can improve your manufacturing process in an array of ways. Moreover, their products and methods can also help to decrease operational costs, increase supply chain efficiency, provide scalable solutions, and even comes complete with turn-key support. Moreover, given the use of a cloud-based structure, PortalTrack Manufacturing can be accessed and operated from any computer or Smart device. Additionally, given that this process is highly customizable, businesses can focus only on the services they need rather than being forced into purchasing one-size-fits-all packages. This makes MSM Solutions a go-to for companies of all types and sizes. 

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