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Why Choose a Printing Service Bureau?

Companies are increasingly outsourcing everything from printing barcode labels to creating serialized RFID labels.   Whether you need serialized RFID labels for unique item level identification or synthetic bin, rack or sign labels to identify locations, MSM can accommodate.

There are several reasons it makes sense to choose a service bureau:

  • A service bureau will save time: Selecting a service bureau can provide services for printing tags, labels and a wide variety of other items when a company doesn’t have the time to do it themselves.
  • A service bureau saves money: Costs for purchasing in-house printing equipment is expensive and requires servicing, training and takes up a lot of time and floor space.
  • A service bureau can provide limited amounts: If a business only needs small quantities printed it makes sense to hire an outside source because custom materials are not normally available or carry a very large minimum.
  • A service bureau can simplify the process: Not only does printing with an off-site service save time and money, but it frees employees to focus on crucial aspects of the business.
  • A service bureau can help with a new solution: A business may want to try out a new barcode or RFID solution before putting in the resources to invest in its own equipment.

Why MSM Solution’s Service Bureau

When choosing a service bureau it’s important to find a company that not only has the experience and expertise to provide exceptional barcode technology, but offers extensive types of services. The following are a few of the services MSM Solutions offers their customers:

  • Thermal and Inkjet Printing: Professional full color labels that are used for warehousing, retail, tracking labels and asset labels.
  • Compliance Labels: MSM Solutions has the training, hardware and processes in place to ensure quality control of labels such as ANSI grading verification and serialization compliance.
  • Barcode Labels: As a GS1 member we understand the complexity of creating barcodes to meet the various industry standards and can provide 1D, as well as Matrix or QR type barcodes in a wide variety of label sizes and materials.
  • RFID Labels: We offer a wide variety of RFID antenna types, sizes and label materials that are printed and encoded utilizing our PortalTrack software. We can ensure reliable data management and encoding through multi chip serialization (MCS) or managed serialization.
  • Variable Labels: We offer many types of variable printed text labels for virtually any application.
  • Preprinted Stock Shipped Directly–We provide options for having preprinted labels stocked onsite for immediate shipment to customers around the world with either barcode labels or RFID embedded labels.
  • Wide Range of Technologies: Why invest in expensive printing capabilities when MSM has all the equipment you need to provide expert printing and packaging solutions from custom bags to RFID technology.

At MSM Solutions we provide customized business solutions for a variety of industries including healthcare, apparel, automotive and manufacturing.  With a goal of providing solutions that will increase operating efficiency, you can rest assured we can accommodate your unique requirements. Contact MSM Solutions today and get started on a path to increase worker productivity and control costs associated with manual processes.

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