5 Benefits of Using RFID in Shipping and Receiving

In the shipping and receiving industry, being fast, efficient and accurate are crucial to your success. Pairing pen and paper with a spreadsheet solution is no way to track or manage your logistics. That’s why you need an RFID shipping and receiving solution to succeed and make your customers happy.

Customer expectations have become very high. Shopify reports that 62% of shoppers using free shipping still expect their orders to be delivered within three business days. Also, 76% of shoppers said unacceptable delivery experience strongly affects their decision to use that merchant again. That means every minute counts and any delays can cost you customers.

By leveraging RFID technology for your shipping and receiving, you…

  • Enhance Your Inventory Visibility
  • Streamline Your Operations
  • Improve Delivery Times
  • Save Money and Improve ROI
  • Keep Your Customers Happy

Let’s explore these benefits in more detail.

Enhance Your Inventory Visibility

With real-time inventory visibility, you can track your products with unprecedented precision and accuracy as they move through your supply chain. Fixed reader antennas track your tagged products or pallets as they come into your facilities, wait for assignment and leave for delivery. This lets you know where every item is located at all times. Tagged pallets and shipping containers also help you track inventory as it moves from facility to facility.

Streamline Your Operations

With RFID technology, you can streamline operations through automation. As tagged inventory passes through RFID readers, data is instantly captured providing you with the information you need for identification, sorting and verification. This helps you create more efficient workflows and processes for moving and storing inventory throughout and in between facilities. And by integrating RFID solutions into your warehouse management software (WMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP), you can further enhance your operations.

Improve Delivery Times

While you can’t control every factor regarding delivery to your customers, you can ensure that you take the necessary steps to get your product out the door as soon as possible. With enhanced inventory visibility, you have accurate counts of everything in stock and know exactly where it’s located. This reduces your chance of being out-of-stock and helps you quickly locate products to ship to customers.

Save Money and Improve ROI

With an effective RFID solution, streamlined processes and automation reduce operational costs by speeding up mundane or tedious tasks and allowing your employees to focus on more cost-effective tasks. In addition, you can prevent theft and loss by quickly locating and identifying high-value inventory inside your facility and getting alerts if it leaves restricted areas without authorization. It also helps reduce the risk of counterfeiting and maldistribution creeping into your supply chain.

Keep Your Customers Happy

With streamlined processes, accurate inventory locations and intuitive restocks, you can quickly meet customer demand for your products. The easier their experience is, the happier they’ll be. And, of course, if they have a great experience with you, they continue to do business with you and refer you to their friends.

Improve Your Shipping and Receiving with an Effective RFID Solution

Keep your supply chain connected with RFID solutions from MSM Solutions. With a successful RFID deployment, you improve your inventory management, making shipping and receiving easier, more accurate and more cost-effective.

And by levering the power of PortalTrack, you can quickly identify, track, count, and manage your inventory through several industries, such as:

To learn more about MSM Solutions and how we can help you improve your shipping and receiving through RFID solutions, drop us a line.

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