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Industrial label printer consumables are often an afterthought when purchasing new thermal label printers.  But did you know that the quality and type of media you use can impact the reliability and life of your printers?

We’ve been servicing direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode label printers for decades, giving us great insight on how to achieve optimal performance and long life.

FACT: The ribbons and labels you choose can directly affect the performance of your printers.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Did you know that using inferior ribbons may negatively affect the performance of your thermal transfer printer?  Poor quality ribbons can result in poor print resolution, hard-to-read barcodes and may even damage the printhead.

We partner with manufacturers of quality thermal transfer ribbons to provide outstanding print quality and performance consistency.  This is particularly important when printing barcodes to eliminate risk of non-compliance. The same rule applies to your labels and other print media.  Choosing quality media means getting more life out of your thermal printers and a reduction in the total cost of ownership.

Types of Thermal Transfer Ribbons


Wax Ribbons

High-Volume (Fast Print Speeds)

Acceptable for Coated & Uncoated Labels / Tags

Broad Performance


Wax/Resin Ribbons

Abrasion & Chemical Resistant

For Printing on Top-Coated &
Matte Synthetic Materials

Automotive or Other Demanding Applications

Supplies_Icons_Chemical Resistant

Resin Ribbons

Durable & Resistant to Abrasion /Chemicals

Best with Synthetic Material

High Temperatures & Extreme Environments

Custom Print & Labeling Services

We have the experience and expertise to design and apply most any type of label to most any product or material you throw our way.


Cold Storage

Cold Storage

Outdoor Heat

Outdoor Heat

In the Warehouse

In the Warehouse

On the road

On the Road










Our history of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes means we’ve developed best practices for creating and applying labels to a variety of materials that are produced, stored and transported in environments that range from extreme heat to extreme cold and everywhere in between.

MSM's Printing Service Bureau

Your customers want instant service. In an effort to provide faster, error-free service, businesses are turning to barcoding technology to improve accuracy and boost employee productivity.

From inventory management and picking, to track and trace, printed barcode labels have become a necessary component of today’s business processes. For high-volume applications, it’s not always feasible to produce printed labels on your own.

Our printing service bureau offers the flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in business, meet customer requirements, and allow you to focus internal resources where it’s needed most.

Service Bureau

Our services include:

Print and Apply

Thermal and Inkjet Printing

GS1 Compliant for EPC Item Level Tagging | MSM Solutions

Compliance Labels


Barcode Labels


RFID Labels

Others services include variable printed text labels for a multitude of applications, in addition to pre-printed stock labels and other printing technologies.

Learn more about the benefits of MSM’s Service Bureau here.

Want to know the secret to the perfect labeling system?

It’s all in the planning.  Partnering with an experienced solution provider who has the knowledge to guide you through the process is key.  Start with this planning guide from our friends at CTM Labeling Systems, then contact us to get started.

Supplies_Icons_Planning Guide

Now that you have all those labels, how are you going to handle them?

Label Applicators

By switching to automatic labeling, you can save on time and labor costs while improving the look of your products. 

A print and apply label applicator will ensure accurate placement of most any type of printed label containing a barcode and other information on boxes, pallets, totes or containers used throughout your facility. The ability to customize placement of a label (or labels) enables automatic tracking of materials for greater inventory management efficiency and eliminates human error.

Label Unwinders

You’ve got your custom labels on an extra large roll — how do you load them into the printer?

With a label unwinder, you can more easily managed your supply roll as it feeds in to the printer.  Minimize label cost with larger runs and enjoy the convenience of having a larger, more economical roll without having to manage it as often.

Label Rewinders

Label rewinders wind up labels into a roll as they come out of the printer.

If you don’t use a rewinder, you have to gather up all the labels by hand during or after the labels have printed. This is a time-saving and more organized way to handle valuable labels.

Label Dispensers

Label dispensers are a convenient for manual labeling processes, as the material passes through the dispenser, the label is peeled away from the backing and material and presented at the front of the unit when it can be picked up by the operator.

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