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Top 5 Reasons Why Customers Love PortalTrack

MSM Solutions created PortalTrack, a customizable RFID software system that can identify, track and monitor millions of items in real time. A variety of industries, including retail, healthcare and manufacturing, rely on PortalTrack to help them efficiently run their businesses.

MSM Solutions recently conducted a survey, asking their customers what they thought were the best PortalTrack features. Most of those taking the survey had been customers for at least two years and had come from a variety of industries. There are 5 important reasons why customers love PortalTrack.

1. Easy to Use

That the system is extremely easy to use is the number one reason customers love PortalTrack. The system allows companies to encode smart labels from virtually anywhere in the world, making it extremely easy to track, monitor and manage items no matter where they are.

Labeling each item can be completed using a variety of methods. Identification can be done with RFID encoders, thermal printers and mobile terminals, making the entire process quick and efficient.

2. Custom Programming Capability

Custom programming allows each company to put together a system that will work for them. Using PortalTrack, a company can customize dashboards, metrics, reporting and facility mapping. Using a cloud based architecture, each business can track inventory in real time.

One size does not fit all when it comes to encoding, identifying and tracking various products. What works well for a manufacturing company may be very different than what will work for a healthcare provider. The size of the business also determines how to specifically customize and use PortalTrack.

3. Software Integration Capability

With a web browser, PortalTrack can be used anywhere. It provides support for iOS, Windows, Windows Mobile and even Android devices. It has been created to easily and effectively integrate with a variety of WMS, ERP and proprietary systems. It can be deployed on site or in the cloud and on platforms that include desktop, mobile and web based systems.

With years of both hardware and software experience, MSM Solutions has the expertise to integrate PortalTrack software into a company’s existing operations without any disruptions. Customers in a variety of industries rely on this integration capability to keep their businesses running smoothly.

4. Ability to Solve Problems

With information passed through a barcode system, this real time visibility allows companies to instantly know when problems arise. Customers can receive information through email, video and alarms. Instantly receiving notifications can more effectively and efficiently safeguard all processes.

Because there is no need to guess exactly where an item is at any time throughout the distribution process, making decisions when problems arise is much easier. Because it’s customized to meet each organization’s particular needs, using PortalTrack can also lower overall operating costs.

5. Software User Interface

An attractive and easy to navigate user interface can have a huge impact on the user’s overall experience. It’s important to have an easy to navigate interface with clear and concise features. PortalTrack provides a user interface with cloud capability that meets the customer’s needs in a simple yet effective manner. It’s responsive, consistent, and attractive.

MSM Solutions always makes their customers their number one priority. They have the experience and technological expertise to assist companies with all their encoding, tracking and inventory management needs. PortalTrack has provided thousands of customers with the tools to effectively manage inventory, save time and cut costs. Contact MSM Solutions for any questions regarding the PortalTrack system.

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